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Vehicle Scrappage Program


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This was sent to me by Summit Racing. This would be a terrable thing to happen.

Your hobby is in danger! Proposed U.S. government legislation, U.S.

Senate Bill S.1766, would allocate federal funds for state scrappage programs

for vehicles more than 15 years old. In the process, it could threaten the

very existence of our hobby by:

*Destroying 1960s and 70s era musclecars

*Scrapping 1980s performance vehicles like Mustangs, Camaros, and Corvettes

*Eliminating many non-performance vehicles which provide an invaluable parts


Take a stand for your rights--and your hobby--by letting your U.S. Senator

know how this bill will directly affect you. Log onto our website at

http://www.SummitRacing.com for a copy of our Legislator Letter, which you

can print, sign, and mail to your Senator. Then, go to

http://www.enjoythedrive.com/san for a complete list of legislator names and

addresses, plus additional information on U.S. Senate Bill S.1766.

Act now--your hobby may depend on it!

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I darn sure understand your concern.I really doubt it will happen.The steel mills don't need the metal.They aren't making anything.Some have already gone bankrupt.Even though the gov't is running the money presses full steam I would be very surprised if they could allocate funds for such an unneeded project at a time when accounting issues make them more nervous than a dog in the kitchen of a vietnamese resturant.LOL

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There are far too many old car enthusiasts of all makes to let this ever happen. They have been trying for years, there is too much money being made in the old car market, parts sales, reproduction parts, restoration shops etc. The government would lose far more money in tax revenue than they could ever hope to save.The oil companies started this crap over pollution so they could keep on pumping out their sludge, by laying the blame on old cars.

They can have my old cars when they pry my cold dead hands off the gun I'm protecting them with!

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