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280Z vs. turbo grand prix


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280Z vs. turbo grand prix. me and my friend dane have been racing against each other for awhile now. he's beat me every time in my previous car wich was a 1997 grand prix gt (3.8). dane drives a 89 turbo grand prix. the boost in the car is outa control. we both pull up to a stop sign at the same time. dane doesn't reconize me at first because of new car. so we talk for a few. no traffic at all. then we decide to see if the 280 is any faster than my old car. he starts buliding up psi. we both start revving our engines i start it we both burn out. but the boost on the grand prix makes it takes off. he gets about 2 car lengths on me. i catch him when i shift into 3rd were about neak and neak for a few seconds until i get into fourth i get about a half a car length and thats enought to win any race were both stopped buy a yellow light. the second round i get hammered by him but its all good cuz i gotta win. thanx to datsun and one bad arse engine. these cars are beasts. my 1/4 mile time was proably around 14.

(by the way is was more than a 1/4 mile race, that explains why i got all the way into 4th)

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racing on the street? more than 1/4 mile = 100+mph on public roads?:finger: I have to say that is very irresponsible, maybe you should get your friend to meet you up at a track...

There have been plenty of local stories of innocent bystanders being killed because some street racers thought there was "no traffic at all."

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