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webers fouling plugs


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I have a 71 240 with a L28 running with triple webers. more often than not I get sooty plugs. after reading material here I increased plug gap to .042 since i have a accel super coil and 76

solid state ignition. any other basic things to check for this condition? and the size of main jet in bottom of fuel bowl was a 50.

thanks everyone.

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Sounds like you're talking about the accelerator pump jet, not the mains. Your main jets should probably be in the range of 120-130. I'm talking about triple DCOE 40s. Can't really give you recommendations for jet sizes because I live at 6500 feet altitude. Best to find an expert on Webers to figure it out. Your idle jets could also be too large and/or your idle mixture is not adjusted correctly. If you have a Colortune you could adjust the mixture fairly close, or if you have a good ear you can also get fairly close. Also your fuel level in the bowls could be too high, so check the float adjustment. I'm still working the bugs out of my triples after one year. Good luck, Victor.

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Originally posted by tanny

I'm still working the bugs out of my triples after one year. Good luck, Victor.

Originally posted by Ozlime240z

pay the $150 and get it tuned properly... once....

guess work will only get you so far.


I got my Triple 44 Delortos Dyno tuned 14 months ago. Since then I have done 8000 miles and just a week ago I pulled the plugs to check the gap (at the same time I did tapets etc) and after 14 months the plugs are picture perfect. They look just like the photos you see in manuals showing you what your plugs should look like. :)

BTW the L28 with Triple 44 Dels is very drivable. Gets about 14L per 100km or 18 MPG in US talk. Triples are great if you get them set up properly to begin with. Trust me, get them tuned by someone who *knows* what they are doing. Every motor, even if the same internally, is subtly different.

Long live the straight 6


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