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Carpet questions


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Allright all,

A few questions regarding carpet replacement.

1. What is the best replacement carpet available?

2. Does the carpet cover the areas where there is diamond vinyl/plastic?

3. Do the carpet kits cover the shock towers?

4. I recently visited a site where i saw electric blue carpet kits as well as many other colors. Can anyone lead me in the right direction again?

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As far as where to get the carpet, there's Motorpsport Auto, Classic Datsun Motorsports, Too Intense Restorations, and probably a few more I'm forgetting. You can find them, and possibly more in our Links section. Most have at least one or two choices of carpet as far as cut pile, loop pile etc...

As far as covering the vinyl, the kits for the late 280's 77-78 will have the carpet for the tunnel and rear strut towers. Anything before that had no carpet for the strut towers.

As far as the site with the different colors, I don't know. All I've ever bought was basic black.

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