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Torque for Diff Cover?


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Sorry, no manuals close at hand! The Chilton's manual should have a general information page on torque settings where you can look up the lenght and size of the bolt and determine the proper torque. I personally would probably be okay with tighten them w/o a torque wrench, although if you can find the setting it wouldn't be a bad idea either. The key is that they are all tightened evenly, most people tend to over do this stuff.

The definition of maximum torque: Tighten it until it strips and then back it off 1/4 turn. ;)

Have fun!

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If it leaks, well, you'll just have to do it again.:rolleyes:

I usually just use blue RTV silicone to help seal it up, don't use too much as you don't want any pieces of that floating around in there, just put some on your finger and give it a light coating, it shouldn't leak.

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