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I need help!!! PLEASE ;0)


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As much as I (we?:ermm: ) would like to help, the forums here are more geared toward the 70-78 Z's. You might try the 90-96 forum at zcar.com. Someone will probably be able to help you there.

Chances are, if you're trying to say that only your oil gauge (not the other gauges) are inoperative, then I would say it's probably not a fuse issue.

Good luck :classic:


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Originally posted by allgravi

91' 300zx.

"People on 'Ludes should not surf the Internet!" ROFL

Seriously though, In reply to the author of the original post, "Please understand that we are "THE CLASSIC Z CAR CLUB" as in 1970 to 1978 240/260/280 Zcars. 99.9% of us do not and would not own a 91 300ZX. You will find VERY little help to any question about this car here. Not that we don't want to help you, but we can't help you because we don't own a car that is even remotely similar to the one you are asking questions about. SORRY.

PS What are you looking at selling? Fuses, Oil Guages or the car?

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Originally posted by Mr Camouflage

Atleast the 350 is a Z. not a ZX.

They call it a "Z" because Nissan wants the public to perceive a link to the glory days of the past. Too bad they didn't create something to deliver the things that made the original "Z" the success that it was/is.

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