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carb warm up


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Originally posted by mford

In the winter I can't hardly get my 260 to go till it has been driven for about 30 miles. The carbs have been switched over to 1972 SU's, and it has the single air filter on each carb.

Just how cold is the weather when you are experiencing this?

Do you have the carb pre-heat water lines to the intake manifold capped off?

For winter you may need to switch to a stock type 240Z air cleaner (the one with the flapper valve) so the carbs can draw air that has been pre-heated by the exhaust manifold instead of COLD air.

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what oil are you running in the carbs? If auto tranny or mystery oil or 3 in 1 , try 20w it is thicker and is what is called for by the factory. Thinner oil allows the piston in the carbs to rise a little too fast and causes a lean condition , especially noticed when cold. I agree about the stock air cleaner and the water in the manifold.

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