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-ve Camber problem

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Heres a pic of my (RHD passenger) Left side suspesion strut.

Its not supposed to be unscrewed like that is it. The other side is done up so you cant see any threads.

Would this cause excessive negative camber? The front left had excessive negative camber compared to the right, Also I think the metal washer was missing of the back of the (damn whats that rod thing called that sitcks out from the frame rail to the lower controll arm not the sway bar the other one) bush.


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The gland nut being loose won't affect anything as far as camber or front end alignment. What it will do is allow the strut insert to move up and down in the strut tube and cause some noise and possibly damage to the strut insert. Some insert lenghts are not all the same, as long as the gland nut is tight on the top of the insert, you shouldn't have any problem.

The washer on the T/C rod might cause a slight difference in the caster from side to side.

The difference in the camber from side to side could be due to bad control arm bushings if you haven't replaced them, or in the worst case, either a bent strut or bent control arm.:ermm: Even worse, it could be due to the chassis being tweaked a bit and the difference lies in the strut towers themselves.....

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