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Light problem :(


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BUT MAKE SURE ALL CONTACTS ARE CLEAN, ie; clean where the clips hold the fuse. w/ a file or sand paper.

A bad ground is usually the start of all electrical problems.

and here we go again.. check the brake light swith which is located at the pedal w/ two wires coming out of the switch,

use an ohms meter on it and see if it works.

Next...the dreaded turn signal switch.

the brake lights, the head lights, and the turn signals all run through that switch..

It's one of the most common problems w/ almost any early Z.

If you know how to diagnose a switch w/ an ohms meter. get to it.

If not, you gotta find some one who can, because you probably dont want to spend the time looking for a new one or pay the price of a new one.

get back to me after you've checked these things out

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