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What is this part of my 240Z SU's?


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My old carbs got nicked, so I got my hands on this pair. Just wondering what the fitting pointed to by the arrow below is for, as the old carbs (also 240Z items) did not have this?

I'm still a newbie when it comes to carbs, so need to know what I should do? Should they be connected to anything?

Thanks :)


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It runs into the back of your air cleaner housing. Since you don't have a stock air cleaner then if your floats mess up the fuel will just spill out on your exhaust manifold, doesn't sound like a good idea to me. I would think you could just run a line down below the exhaust manifold and it would be fine, but I'm no expert. I just had fuel spilling out of one once when I messed the float up.

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No don't plug it. Your car won't run with it plugged. It is a air vent and gas overflow port for the fuel bowls. Plugging it will not let the fuel exit the bottom of the bowl and thru the fuel line into the nozzle on the bottom of your carb. I run mine to a common oil / gas fumes vent- plastic- canister, then a vaccum line breaths it back into the cross pipe of my intake manifold. I do this because my Z only sees a race track and their requirements are they don't want open oil or gas breathers / filters since they can cause oil drips onto the track. Stock air boxes would have a port to plug a vent hose upto to take the gas fumes to dispose of them into the carbs. Your filter is custom so this is why you have no nipple for a hose.

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Thats all fine and dandy but make sure there is not to much vaccum on the line or you'll suck the gas right out of your float bowl.

If you tap your filter make sure your filter stays clean or your carbs will try to get its air elsewhere :ie, your float bowl vent line

The canister mentioned by chino is a good idea and you might want to look at the engine photos else where on this site.

take a look at chino 240z's gallery for a clue about my babbling.

good luck, and hope this helps.

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Okay here's the ugly part. It's just on old overflow container cramed into the corner with all the lines going to it and one coming from it to evacuate the fumes. I prefer the cool looking K&N filter vent idea, but on all my other cars they get messy and oily. This has been there for several years and has a few tablespoons of oil residue in the botton, I never empty it and is under the fender out of site, so its working good. As for the my dog Popcorn, she is always under my feet! Probably knows just about as much as I do about my cars.

Good Luck, Craig


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LOL @ popcorn! :)

Right....I'm off to the hardware store to get some fuel line. Couldn't find anything that would even temporarily fit that fitting around home, so looks like the z is staying where it is for now. Don't wanna take any risks.

Hope I can start the ol sigma. ;)

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