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Rust in subframe, need parts


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Okay, I've recently aquireda 72 240zx, and when I went to take the wheels off today to get them balanced, I noticed that on what appears to be the subframe of my car, the piece of frame you see when you take off a front wheel, there is quite a bit of rust that has eaten at the metal. I was wondering if there are any places that sell either supports, or pre-fabbed pieces of medal to make the welding easier. Also, Could anyone reccomend some places where I could buy something like this? Preferably in TX if you can :) Thanks for your help. I don't want to drive the z until I get this fixed, so any quick support is greatly appreciated!

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If you are referring to the inner fender well, no there are no pre-fabbed parts that I am aware of and you will need to patch with sheetmetal which you can get at your local lowe's or home depot.

If you're referring to the frame rail portion that lets say where the front crossmember bolts to, yes there are frame rail kits available from Zed findings and MSA.

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Zed findings makes the parts for MSA . I just replaced the floor on the passanger side of my '73 with floor from Zed findings . Charlie Osborne is the owner . He builds first class parts . I am afraid that he isn't local . Canada. when you contact him he will give you prices including shipping and any other costs. Good luck I hope you can weld sheet metal.

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