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Steve, I've been following your strut epic with dismay. How can this be? I bought my Tokico blues about 2 years ago and I love them. Does your trials mean I'll never be able to replace them? I know that you have communicated your woes to Tokico and they really haven't solved your problem.

To me, those short struts are unacceptable. I think you might try Tokico 1 more time, and let them know this one fact, THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING.

Speaking for me, If they mess with with Steve, they've lost my buisness. In this connected community, Vendors take notice, customer service IS good buisness, a the lack of it, is certain ruin.

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Victor, I appreciate your support. Look for a full review of new actions on the other post. This was a stealth post for 2many that I intended to delete to show him that Z31 fronts are 240 diameter and approx. 1.5 inches shorter than stock. This was not part of the ongoing Tokico fiasco.


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