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Stolen 240z in socal!


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Sorry my first post has to be so grimm.

A 16 year old gentleman in my Z club had his father/son 240 stolen! I dont know the specifics, and when exactly it happened, but PLEASE PLEASE keep an eye out for his Z. His 240 had a little blog in Super Street, and i think they gave his city and name out. Here are some pics of his 240z, PLEASE watch for parts, or his whole car! The 'Team Showcase' stickers have been removed as far as i know. Call the cops and EMAIL me ASAP if you have any leads PLEASE! All that is left of his 240 is the keyhole washer that they popped off........





Yes, you may get a few slaps in before you call the cops.

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no way man!

that car was stolen? I feel bad for that kid now.....

I read about that on SuperStreet and ave been watching it online when it pops up here and there.

I really hope his father and him can find it.. alot of work and money into that thing...

L28eT block..... with double or triple carbs cant remember..

Corebeau seats... everything...

SHoulda got a good alarm system :(

Hope they can find it.. but i'll keep a look out in Colorado

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:tapemouth :tapemouth :tapemouth :tapemouth

Really feel sorry for the poor kid.

Hey, ghostkilla,

Please tell the kid that we all feel for him.

I know how I'd feel if some low life pinched "Precious".

Been a long time since I drew a bead on someone but if that happened to my i'd be going hunting.


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