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ive been visiting this forum for a while now, mostly just reading and trying to absorb as much info as i can about the z car. now my time has come, there's a 1979 280zx for sale in my area for $800 which is my price range (although i would much rather have a 1970 240z, but i gotta settle for what i can get).

im planning on going there with a friends dad who knows way more than me about cars (and drives stick) to help me out, i was wondering if anyone can give me a kind of checklist of specific things to look for? any info would be nice at all. thanks.

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If you have been reading the forums, you probably have heard all the discussions on rust. A 79 ZX in your area won't be immune from rust anymore than a 240 would so be sure to check it out carefully underneath. If it has T-tops, check them as well and look for signs of leaks by loooking at the interior for water marks.

Mechanically they are similar to the 280Z's, but be sure to take a long test drive.

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Dont be too optomistic about reparing the rust . This could be three times more to repair than the cost of your car . Be careful and really check under the floor mats and under the battery. Check under the car and look at the floor pans for rust , check for any bubling of the paint in the area just forward of the doors down at the rocker pannel area , likewise just to the rear of the door down low. If you do find rust or bubbles in the paint ,which is rust from the inside coming through, you need to make a decision . Either walk away and treat it like it had herpies , or promise your self that you will just drive it like it is untill it drives no longer. Rust in these areas I have described is VARY COSTLY to repair . I know this is not what you want to hear but it is the facts.

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Yup, ask for some assurance such as maintenance

records from garages that often write down the current

milage on service repair orders.

I bought mine as advertised at 90,000 and was in fact


Still it runs great, but you could be facing engine

overhaul to stop oil smoke at that milage, as I am.

Good luck

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