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New MSA parts


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Yep, I've been keeping quiet on the new parts. When I got the new flyer, I nearly jumped of of my seat!

I'll be sporting the new fuse box post haste. I can't justify the radiator, as my car runs nice and cool as is. Can't see any reason for the aluminum driveshaft other than bragging rights and way too "Tastfully Modifed Stock" for the chrome catch/overflow cans.

Oh well, one more stock fuse box into my spare parts horde! Dam, If I kick the bucket anytime soon, can I get one of you guys to get rid of the tons (really, plural) of Datsun parts?

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Keeping quiet? Implying limited stock or what?

Geez, I hope not! "Keeping quiet" cause I do too much endorsements. People will think I'm "(insert any vendor's name here) Little Whore". With my Z car, as I did with my roadster before, I try to deal as evenly with all the vendors as I can. Spread the wealth. We need these folks in buisness. But too much is too much, and I contained myself from writting the day I got the flyer "OH MY GOD! DID YOU SEE WHAT MSA IS SELLING??!??"

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