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What Lubricant Should I Use?


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Just wondering, seeing as my car is new (to me) I really want to do an Oil and Filter change and I could ask the local mechanic people what to use, but I'd rather ask people who treat their engines and cars like children, that being;

What brand or weight and viscosity oil do you use on your precious engines? mine's stock standard at the moment incase that's a factor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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(sorry, just trying to live up to my new icon)(it says "Beware - Perverts")

Do they sell Castrol in Kiwi-land? My engine is a well broken in re-build so I'm running full synthitic (Mobil 1). I don't know if this is true, but I've been told when selecting a multi-viscosity, It's wiser to choose one with the varibles close together (a 10W30 over a 5W40 for example). I'm using a 10W30, but that may not be the best choice for you. It's fairly warm, year-round here in sunny SoCal, But, I hear it's gets downright cold in New Zealand in your winter (Now, right?)

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Yeah it does and can get quite cold during winter, this year where I am it has snowed a couple of times and it's frosted in the morning quite frequently.

Have no porblem getting Caltex, but normal GTX or Magnatec?

The only oil I can't find down where I am in the bottom of the South Island is the one I used (when I lived at the top of the North Island) in my Sportbike which was elf full synth, can't get any elf stuff down here.

No probs getting Pennzoil, Duckhams, Mobil, Castrol, etc.

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