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Looking for a 240 in the NW area


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I'm in the middle of building up the '79 ZX as a good daily driver that can still kick arse and run 12's LOL

but.. I want to keep my eye out for a 240, and I have been. Okay, here's the run down

I want a rust free project 240, preferably 70-72, but hey, I'd still consider a '73. No floor-pan or rail rust (or, VERY very minimal surface), I don't mind some on body, that's part of the fun of restoring. Anyway, I've found a few in the SoCal area, but most aren't driveable up here to SW Washington where I live, and if they are they are too expensive for me. What I have planned is a 350 swap, plain and simple. I'm not looking to spend more than $1500.. but that's negotiable if I really like what I see, which is why I figure I'm only in budget for a project. So if someone in the NW area (or in a driveable area) is looking to get rid of a decent 240 they haven't finished yet :cool::rolleyes:, write me at oddenfam@msn.com

pics are always good



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did you see the posting for 240z be geevum -- sounds like it would be a good one for you


it is in San Francisco -- but if you have a truck and a trailer that is days drive (cant be more than 500 or 1000 miles) -- if it were me I would gladly drive that distance for a free zcar

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actually yeah I saw that, sounds like its a perfect project for being FREE :) , however I don't have a trailor, know anyone with a trailor, or know how I could get one. I don't know if he has the title etc. for it. It would be a worthwhile.. well, two day drive.. there are many great Z's in Cali, just for a trailorless fella like me, I'll probably have to get one that either runs or is within a couple hundred miles (which I consider to be "local").. thanks for giving me the heads up anyway ;)


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yeah I thought about a uhaul, but I don't have a truck either, or a friend with one who would be willing to put a quick 1000 miles on it- 500 of which are hauling miles. You know. So pretty much the only way I could get a Z is if it is nearby, or can drive itself from california :rolleyes:

I appreciate the support guys, thanks


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