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the game plan has changed


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Turns out the thunderbird SC I was getting had a bad supercharger. I called ford and they don’t sell the parts anymore so I let it go. I guess it was a good thing to find this out NOW rather then once I had it in my Z.

I was so down because I sold my 350 tpi motor for the funds. I thought I was back at square one for my dream Z. Then I started looking at the motor I pulled from her in the first place.

The PO of my Z told me the motor had been changed out with a hotter motor and it was not stock so I never looked twice at it. Turns out it’s the matching # block for my Z with a new lower-end and fresh head ROFL . I knew the motor was fresh but took the PO for his word that it was not the motor that came in the car. Now I feel like a total dumb arse:stupid:. I have been looking at and working doing a conversion on this Z only because I thought (took someone else’s word :tapemouth ) that it was not the matching # motor for the car.

Now after almost 2 years of parts saving and planning the game plan has changed . Most of you here will be very happy to hear THE MATCHING # MOTOR IS GOING BACK IN:classic:. I am still going to wizz off a few with fuel injection.

UMMMM anyone out there looking for a Richmond GM 6 speed?

Now I don’t need it anymore and could sure use the money. I will part with it for what I paid $1500. This trans new is over 3000. I also have the ECU for the 350tpi left with some other GM parts if anyone is looking.

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One more Z with an original number. That's always good to hear, to me an engine swap is something you do to a car that you don't want any return value on or doesn't hold a classis status. There can be so many considerations to make when re-engineering a car.

If anything I'll probably go Turbo L or maybe a rb26 but I know whatever I do must be undoable. :)

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