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Argh! HELP! Oil Pan Reinforce. Brkts

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Just got started assembling my engine today and got a most un-welcome surprise. I had purchased what I was told was a complete 3 piece set of the Reinforcement Brackets that came on Late L24 and L26 engines to help spread the clamping force of the individual oil pan bolts in order to minimize the possibility of oil leaks. Well, when I did a trial fit of these brackets it became apparent that I am missing one L shaped piece and instead have two of the other L shaped piece. In short what I have will not fit.

Does anyone have a old engine (junk internally or whatever) that has the COMPLETE 3 piece set of these Reinforcement Brackets, and if you do.......would you be willing to sell the brackets to me? I'm on a short time schedule as I have taken vacation to accomplish the assembly and installation of the engine, and POR15 of the trans tunnel over the next couple weeks.

PLEASE contact me (email, PM, or reply to the thread) if you have the Reinforcement bracket set from an L24 or L26 that I'm in need of. I can send you money for the parts and express shipping to Northern California.

Thank you for any help someone can lend.


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Looks like I was sent an extra piece of the reinforcing brackets. They are a two piece set of brackets, so I have an extra half set! :stupid:

Thanks to Chloe at www.midwestz.com my search for some other engine related parts is over! :love:

Thanks so much for coming through with hard to find parts for the second time. Your help is much appreciated. I'll be in touch with you in a couple of weeks about purchasing a Fuel Tank Sender, O ring and Lock Ring for my car. Thanks again!


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