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Seat Belts Black Again?

Victor Laury

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Since you have a 72 the webbing of the lap belt would be a PITA to replace, so I guess you are stuck with dyeing it there. You could probably take the shoulder segment to some upholstery shop and have them replace it with something that looks pretty original though.


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Use to use it for the same thing @ my detail shop.

Very easy if you take them out. Then you can can make up the dye and drop them in. This way you get the same color all the way across and dont chance sloping any on your seats. The die wont harm any metal so that fine.

With the belts that retract. Pull them out all the way. I use a small visegrip on the belt so it wont retract. Then drop the belt in the dye. Leave the belt out for it to dry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Down side.

The only real down side is that any tags on the belt will dye solid color aswell.

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