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260z 2+2 in S.A.


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Hi all

Ive got a couple of 260zs and im thinking about selling one. Wish i could keep both but dont have the garage room.

The one im thinking about selling is a 77 Bronze 260z 2+2 totaly original except for the mags. The previous owner had it stored in a shed for quite a few years without driving it. I could tell he wasnt lying by the layer of dust.

Original paint job is faded and has crows feet around the place.

Odd spots of rust but nothing major.

Anyone in adelaide be interested?



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im in Seaview Downs, Which is near Marion shopping center

its a 1977

Automatic trans

No mods she's all original

Mecanically she runs great and ive found only two probs. i can hear a faint noise coming from the alternator which sounds like a noisy bearing, I got a quote for a change over alternator for $150 so thats no big prob.

every now and then when you start it the starter pinion doesnt engage so i guess the pinion is prolly worn.

i put two brand new tyres on the front and moved the fronts to the rear. New ignition coil and leads. Previous owner just put a new battery in it before he sold it to me

If your serious about lookin at her give us your email or phone number and we can work something out. im on holidays till monday

Mines [email protected]

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