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Turbo Connecting Hose


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This came through the mailing list. It should be posted here for someone who may need it.



http://www.turbohoses.com/ http://128bitencrypted.com/hosetechniques/catalog_products.tpl?cart=10239315951056248&category=Turbo%20Hose%20-%20T-Bolt%20Clamps



At 09:36 PM 8/3/2003 -0400, Robert E. Walters wrote:

>Anyone out there know where to get turbocharger connection hose? I'm

>looking for 2 1/4" ID and 2 7/8" ID each about 4" long, fuel and heat

>resistant. I have a draw through system so the turbo is wet with fuel

>not just air. I've looked at Jegs, Summit an Whitney, Pegasus has up to

>2" in 1 meter lengths but EXPENSIVE! Any suggestions would be greatly


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