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Expressions of interest: 260Z 2 seater for sale


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For those that haven't heard the story about my car, here's the ultra quick version: The chassis rails and floor pan and nice and rusty and one chassis rail has snapped. Basically the panel shop that's supposed to be fixing it is taking forever to do it, so I am thinking of pulling the car and selling it off for parts.

All they've done so far is strip the interior and do one side of the floor pan.

If someone is handy at fabrication work it'd be a good car to fix up.

The main things it's worth buying for are an excelent interior, straight body and decent mechanical condition. Mechanically it's still pretty stock other than the "round top" SU's from a 240Z and the exhaust system.

If anyone wants to make an offer or wants some more details, PM me, or email me at [email protected]

Pics HERE.

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Everything is there and in good nick (as far as I can remember), other than a crack in the center console next to the choke lever.

Pretty much all the trim is grey though, not black.

Dash is excelent, not a mark on it.

All gauges work other than the ammeter. The glass over the three center gauges is a bit scratched. Steering wheel and speakers gone now (stolen while at the panel shop *&^$^#%^&%$!!!!!!!! )

Pillar trims are there.

The plastic bit over the steering column was only off in these pics, it's not perfect but ok (and the wrong colour.....sorta a brown grey)

Hmm that's about all I can think of.

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