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found some su's


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I found a set of flattops today( with complete intake and air cleaner), they look like they need a serious rebuild as the car hasnt run in years.

Was wondering what a good price was on these might be and if it might be an easier thing to deal with than my FI system on my 280??


was told they were su carbs but after lookin at ztherapy mebbe ill pass

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I cannot imagine that FLAT-TOPS could EVER be "an easier thing to deal with" than FI, or Round-Top SU's for that matter. VIrtually no one wants those crappy carbs (commonly referred to as BOAT ANCHORS) because they routinely cause drivability problems and also cause poor performance. A price for them?....Nothing! Zero, Zip, Nada.

A proper operating FI system requires little maintainance and meters fuel far more precisely than ANY carb setup, but if you want carbs, I'd go with Round-Top SU's, or Webers, or anything but FLAT-TOPS.

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do the 4 barrel conversions offered by arizona z work very well?

BTW~~~~~!!!!!!! my misfiring problen turned out to be my #1 fuel injector. Oddly enough although the backfiring has stopped I seem to have less power and sluggish acceleration now :-)

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Seriously what bambi is saying is the best idea. Is the 4 barrel carbie just a single downdraft? If so don't even bother sure the SU's can seem a pain but once you understand them there not all that bad.

I agree don't pay anything for those flat tops. Especially if they look rooted I love this quote from ztherapy."This is not a carb-It is a boat anchor!" LOL get's me everytime.

Fuel injection is probably the least maintenance but setting it up initially is what will cost you and it makes your engine bay a bit messier I feel. But you can change that but replacing a few things.

I've been wanting to order a set of rebuild Ztherapy carbs lately but I think my best bet is to buy the rebuild kit SM needles for the L28 and watch his 4 hr video on setting them up.


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