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removing shock


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I am trying to replace the front shocks on my 70 Z.

I have removed the complete shock housing and break assembly from the car. I took out the ball joint and steering knuckly but can figure out how to get the shock out of the "cylinder". Can anyone tell me what else I need to do to remove.


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See the Top of Tube that houses the shock (strut cartridge) there is a bit Nut. Some actually have a hex shape, others (the original, i believe) have a round shape with several notches around the circumference. If you have the round type, get a large regular screwdriver and a hammer. Place the business end of the screwdriver in a notch and use the hammer to apply force to unscrew the nut. Use penetrant to help lubricate the threads and make loosening easier.

If you have the replacement cartridges already there should be a new nut in the box for each.

Do you have a shop manual? This process should be shown very clearly in most manuals.

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