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260 2+2 for sale


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Hi guys!

Unfortunately due to personal reasons I have to sell the Z! Its a 2+2, 76' with a great engine(!), 5 spd box, good interior (no carpet though!), new clutch, new discs up front and new drums up back ($), original alloys, oil catch can (custom), ramflo air filters, sunroof etc..anyway, I want $3500 for it, its currently unregistered and it has no RWC, but thats cause I was doing it up! It has some rust in the sills (and a little bog in the sills), and a chip behind the left headlight scallop on the fender...its not perfect by any means, but a great project, or a brilliant spares car...I also comes with the original air intake and a restored steering wheel.

If u wanna call me, email me or post here and I'll give you my number...

Cheers ppl...

PS George, don't give me $^!#!! I don't really wanna sell it!:cry:

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Hey Leeroy I know someone after a 2+2 a friend of mine actually, he's seen my 240z and well that's done it for him.

I'm not sure if he's willing to buy a car yet and no reg or Rwcert might not be a good idea for him.

It will be his first car and I don't want him to have to go through the same kinda thing I did when I got into Z's.

I'll let him know and see what he says the only thing then is finding a time to look at it.

If you could help us out with some photo's aswell that would be great :).

Sorry to hear you don't wanna sell it but maybe later you can get a 240z instead :cheeky: .

I still regret selling my first 240z :ermm: but it was neccessary.


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Yeah, I do have a couple of pics, but very low qual, and I can't get more (someone broke into our house about a week ago and stole my laptop, video camera and digital camera!!)...I shall post them anyway...

Cheers ppl!

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