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vinyl dye


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Right now with all the other stuff Im planning my interior is possibly gonna be put off for at least a year. I was trying to think of some cheap ways to improve my interior since Im currently using my car as a daily driver.

I was thinking of trying vinyl dye on many of the brown interior parts to make em black.

Anyone ever tried this?

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no, nothing really big, largest piece was probably my glove box door, but it came out very evenly, i would suspect it would be the same throughout a large surface, i come to this conclusion largly because it dries slowly so it also dries very evenly, causing the desired affect, unlike spraypaint sometimes does when it dries too fast...


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I just finished prepping and dyeing/painting my seats and they turned out fantastic. They had been dyed earlier and they did a terrible job.

I first cleaned them with Dawn and water with a plastic bristle brush and got most of it off. Then I took lacquer thinner and got the rest off. Make sure you don't leave it on long. Then I finished with a good rinse and waited a week to dry out.

Then I sprayed on Bull Dog, it's a coating used for flexable bumpers etc. and left it for 5 or so minutes then took the cans of vinyl paint(dupli color) to the seats.

My buddies couldnt believe how nice they turned out.

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they were originally the butterscotch color and I dyed them black, they guy(s)? before me also dyed them black.

I thought hard the week I let them dry out on leaving them the original color but the rest of my interior was black....

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