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I need black OEM vinyl 240Z seats please...


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Both sides, in good condition of course - especially seat bottoms, as I have already rescued two good condition black vinyl seat backs from the junkyard.

If I can find these OEM seats then I will have two old Recaros to give away to whomever wants... they are black velour, have adjustable thigh support on driver side, look like the old LX models if you remember that far back, and yes the black velour fabric is torn in places but the foam is intact... Comfortable enough - just not the OEM look that I am after.



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Just my 2¢ worth.

I think that you will find that between buying the seat backs, and the shipping involved you might be spending more money than just having them recovered.

Your not being particular as to whether the seats were lever or knob actuated tells me you may not be going for a concours restoration, but I may be wrong. If you aren't, then by getting the ones you have recovered as well as the seat bottoms, you may be money ahead.

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I have a friend that did have some 70 seats .I'll check with him.I had my seats redone some years ago.The matching vinyl was easy to find.The problem was the 4 chrome breather vents in each seat.I found brass ones are used in the furniture business as vent for vinyl cushions.I had 10 chromed seat man messed up 1 used 8. Daniel

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