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Differences between 240z and 280z???


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Right now I am talking strictly in appearance, but what are the differences between the datsun 240z and the datsun 280z. My untrianed rookie eye can only really see a difference in the bumpers. But I am sure that is not the only exterior difference.

Please help out the rookie. LOL.


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better look at 280z tail lights

the reverse light is seperate....


dash and center piece........





Also the 240z usually has the diamond vynil on the transmission tunnel and the 280z has carpet.

ps.I took the diamond vynil off my 240z and put it on my 280z.

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oh yeah and hood vents can be found on 77-78 model years; though a 240z could be found with a vented hood since it is swappable.

front turn signals...

240z below bumper


280 z has turn signals on front grill....


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Yes, you can install 240 bumpers onto a 280. The front bumper bolts right up although you will want/have to change the front lower valances for it to look right.

The rear bumper, however, requires a little fiddling as the bumper bolts don't line up with the bumper shocks. Easiest fix is to attach a flat, thin (1/4"), steel bar to the bumper shocks. Once this bar is attached to the shocks, just center you're bumper and mark where the bumper bolts meet the steel bar. Then drill appropiate sized holes in the steel bar and presto!, new bumpers.



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