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Rearend #'s

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Today I found myself pulling the rearend. I did things the hard way:sleepy: I needed to be able to move her so I pulled the rearend alone so the wheels could stay on. All said and done it wasnt so bad. :classic:

Anyway, The rearend case has a cast number on it of 8311E4600

Dose it mean anything ? The case is steel but the rear cover is aluminum. Was the rear cover aluminum stock?

Just wondering what I have here. The P.O. of this car did some parts swaping so I am unsure. 1973 240Z with build date in mid 1972.

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The part number I found on the microfiche is 38311-E4600... and it is for the rear end housing only........

All the diffs have an aluminum rear cover... so that answers those questions.....

I think if you pull the rear cover you should find some numbers on the ring gear.. if you find a 37 it is definately a 3.36

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