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max boost!?!?


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a few things i'd like to know...

for the members with turbo L-series Zs:

-what boost do you run for daily driving (or usual) & horsepower at this boost level

-what boost do you run during hard driving/competetion & horsepower at this boost level

& also...what is the most boost you have ever seen run through an l-series engine? thanks.

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CR is very relevant (among other things).

I have seen the stock head gasket cope with 1.5 bar of boost in an L20B. I've personally run 1-bar in my old EFI L24 using a stock gasket and 8:1 CR all day for a year (before deciding that the body really needed restoring). That engine has been pulled-down & rebuilt as a mild-atmo powerplant (new OEM pistons, ported head, balanced). It was the matching-numbers engine, so I wanted to keep it.

I run ~0.5 bar in my 8.3:1 custom L28ET all day.

I'm also currently building an engine which will be getting a constant dose of around 1.5 bar.

I personally haven't used high/low boost settings. the right-foot dictates how much boost is used!

I have a friend who has a custom LPG turbo L26 which lives on around 1.25 bar, but the head gasket is on the way out. We are blaming this failure on a bit of detonation that occured a few times when the wastegate was unable to control the boost (it's too small). This will all be rectified with an external gate & a bigger turbo (so it will hopefully run ~0.75 bar with the same power output). This particular engine was turning ~145kW at the treads on a dyno-dynamics dyno (3.9:1 R180 diff, 205/50x15 tyres). The only "internal modifications" this engine has had is a ceramic coating on the pistons & valves. Everything else is stock OEM.

The general rule is that if you can tune it right, 400HP is do-able on stock components. But there is no room for any detonation.

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10 psi just pissing around and daily driving but then again its not all that. i am intercooled, and the engine is built right for what its doing.

max i run is 15psi because that is all that the T3 is really going to push with any positive results.

many things come into play, ie your intercooler, fuel management and the like.

currently at 15 psi threw my current set up and this is theoretically speaking of course i should be runnning about 243 hp.

not to shabby from 180 ill say.

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