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starter wiring


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posting this for a young friend w/o internet connection who has just purchased a '73 240Z....6 cylinder, 2 carbs...sorry I don't know more...oh yes.. 4 wheels.. black paint origionally orange...*s

Wires fried on the starter.....friend and his father want to know which wire goes to which terminal.....

Any Ideas on the causes of this kind of damage....

It's been interesting reading for me at your well layed out website searching for a wiring schematic...I suppose there is one in the CD..

Thanking you in advance


Vancouver Island

British Coumbia

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battery positive to the solenoid(pill bottle looking thing on top of starter)Also #10 size wire that has connector.Battery ground goes to one of the bolts that mount the starter to the "motor"(the part is called a bell housing).Why it burnt?Bad/weak starter.Bad/weak wire connections at starter,bad /weak battery,Bad battery wires,Someone kept trying to start the car and stayed on the starter far to long.Problem with motor causing strain on starter.Good luck! Daniel

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Thanks Daniel...I'll pass it along

Say do you know how many solenoids are to be found in this car..obviously there is the one on the starter, I know there is another click which comes from under the dash somewhere when the ignition is switched to accessory...Would you know where that one is located and what it is supposed to do?

Another question...if I may?....there is a second ignition switch located on the passengers side of the radiator...can this be real?

what would that do? He doesn't have the key so he can't turn it on to find out....

Also the fuel pump starts running as soon as the battery is hooked up....a sign of something no doubt....

*s thanks


Vancouver island


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Second ignition switch?? Sounds like someone put it in there as an anti-theft device, which may be one of the reasons the wiring burned up in the first place. You might have him try to take it out, and double check the wiring as someone may have made a mess with undersizes wires etc. In my opinion, take it out, as someone may have done a hack job on the wiring, then you will be able to figure out if there may be another problem.

The fuel pump should come on when the switch is turned on, it obviously has had an electric fuel pump put on at one time or the other. Datsun put one on the 73's as a recall to cure the vapor lock problems they had, or someone may have put it on just because they wanted it. Some people wire the pump to a seperate switch, but if they used the harness that was in the 73 and later cars I believe it should come on with the switch.

The relay you hear should be on the kick panel on the passengers side near the foot vent. There should be more than one on a panel tucked up next to the underside of the glove compartment. It would be hard to say what it is for without knowing which one it is.

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I agree with 2manyz.That extra switch is/was for some sort of security device.The click you hear when you turn the key is a normal/good thing.It is the relay that suppiles power to your gauges and such.It is just like turning a "standard' car ignition switch to the ON position.The fuel pump should come on when the switch is in the ON position.Not because the battery is connected.If the battery is switching it on I would strongly suggest disconnecting the pump until all these wiring issue are resolved.Playing with electricity while suppling pressurized gas to the same area is not good.You have already found enough problems to warrant extra fire caution.Be safe,Have fun!! Daniel

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