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for those who trailer their Z


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in preparation for my upcoming move from CA to Omaha, Nebraska, I went out and purchased a car trailer this weekend. (3 vehicles, only 2 drivers, and the Z ISN'T going to stay in California when we leave)

anyway, to those who trailer their Z's, my question to you - what kind of tie downs do you use ? I remember renting a UHaul trailer once to pull a vehicle, and it had a set of tie downs that wrapped around the front wheels (kinda like snow chains do) can you find these anywhere ?

any suggestions would be welcomed !

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I use four ratchet straps. I always 'X' them at both ends -- right front of car to left front of trailer and so on.

You can get them for the best price from Race Wholesale.

They also have a pretty good PDF file that explains how to tie down a car at Towing Instructions

It is best to attach to the frame of the car. I use the cross-member up front to hook behind. I know it isn't optimal, but I hook to the control arms in the rear.

Thing to remember is just keep things tight.

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You should be able to find plenty of choices on the Northern Tool site.. www.NorthernAutoSupply.com

I always used the straight tie-downs with axle straps. Wrapping the axle straps around the front control arm near the chassis mount and the rear on the front side of the control arm closest to the mount. I never really trusted the ones that just wrap around the tire as they do nothing to control chassis movement, haviong the car bounce around on the suspension only causes more strain on the tie-downs if you ask me.:ermm:

I always used the 10,00lb rated straps for extra piece of mind, but 6k should do the trick if you watch them carefully.

I was just looking in their catalog and the ones I am talking about are item number 150090-A659 and with the added axle strap (150093-A659 they come out to about 30 dollars each while the wrap around the tire models are 33 a piece (45575-A659), just to give you an idea of what type I'm referring to.

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Enjoy yourself at Offutt. It was a truly pleasurable tour for me. The people are extremely friendly and the restaurants are superb. I truly hope you enjoy your tour there as much as I did.:classic:

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One thing I learned on my trip from San Diego to Niagara Falls is have a GOOD spare tire for your trailer. I also got one of those little 5 ton floor jacks that you can pick up at an auto parts store. Good luck on your trip.

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