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Orientation of Rear Engine Mount Insulator / Mount


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E6E4C630-1268-4290-94CA-A3417E2D6146.jpeg728F31B9-4B52-4031-A47E-B2253CE19FFB.jpegI am in the process of installing the 4 speed transmission and rear engine insulator / mount on my 10/70 240, but can’t find any information on orientation of the parts.  There is an arrow on the side of the insulator.  Is this supposed to point to the engine bay?  Also, the mount / brace has two indentations in it.  Should these be to the back of transmission as it’s placed in the picture?  I took tons of pictures before and during disassembly, but apparently not the pics I needed.  
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thx, Greg


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Arrow on the insolator goes forward. Good find, most don’t notice.

As to the cross member, put it on which ever way fits once the trans in in the car. Is the center hole in line with two holes that mount it to the car? If so, then it doesn’t matter which way around. If the little dimples line up with the tips of the bolts on the isolator mount, all the better

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