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JIC Magic ???


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I started a thread titled "Alternative to Ground Control ?" (for a 240z) about a month ago and got some great stuff ; thanks guys!!

I've since found a company named JIC Magic (http://www.jic-magic.com ) who makes performance suspension systems and other stuff Z & ZX stuff.

Anyone work with these guys before? How was the experience? Products good and reliable?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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never realised jic magic made stuff for s30 Z's.. but a few friends have their coilovers on their silvias etc.

Quality is great, and without actually driving their cars the first impressions from the owners are happy ones.

I believe they are a fairly popular brand in japan and probably comparable to Tein etc depending on which model coilover you get.

Couldnt find any stuff on their site in relation to 240z gear... I would be quite interested in JIC since I know someone who is a JIC dealer over here..

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