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If you look at the visor itself, right where the length of steel rod enters the body of the visor, you should spot a screw that seems to go THROUGH the visor but it doesn't, it's just on one side.

this screw is the one Alfa is referring to. It tightens down a "clamp" of steel around the steel rod that goes through the body. If you can't see it when the visors are in the UP position, then lower them and look on the back side.


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You might even sand the axle with long screatches/grooves to help the clamp grab better. I've taken one totally apart for recovering. I had to change the shape to fit the replacement rear-view mirror off the Eclipse I got my seats from.

Has anybody recovered their sun visor(s)? Mine are plenty saggy, and I was thinking about using (suede) leather. I'm not sure if ( a very dark brown) suede would be period-correct?

You can get leather (suede?) cheap at the Salvation Army store by getting a leather coat/jecket and cutting that up. Much cheaper than regular sources!


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