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Exhaust output at tailpipe


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Greeting ladies and gents


just an observation and hope to learn more.

I notice my Honda Odyssey van 2014 with 3.5 litters engine release exhaust at tailpipe noticeable less “air” than my Z with 2.8 litters


I exasperate a little bit is that the air output from Z’s tailpipe is like leaf blower and the air from odyssey’s like hair drier if you will.  The Z’s tailpipe about 2” and odyssey about 2.5” or so

What gives?  Modern cars has better recirculate and recycle exhausts?




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Maybe the Odyssey is running 3 cylinders at idle. I know the older ones switch to the front three when it can during light cruising. Maybe they make it do it at idle too to conserve more fuel.

Edit: just looked it up and it does do cylinder deactivation at idle

Also, I don’t know if they have fixed the issue but on the older ones the rings gaps can line up while they are not under much pressure and will suck oil or something like that is what my boss says.

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Interesting!  Would the van idle shaking? 
I think even with other older cars, like Honda Accord v6 late 90s early 2000 release exhaust relatively less than the Z.


just something I notice, that’s all

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