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L24 rods on L28 crank.


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Question for L6 gurus;

Considering some mods to my L28N42, current set up is internally stock ie dished pistons, rods, bore, etc.

Reading through a couple of books last night and was thinking rather than fitting flat top pistons, would it be worthwhile fitting L24 rods to the L28 crank, effectively giving a total cranking length of 212mm (top of stroke), as opposed to standard 209mm. Just considering this as doing something different, but don't want to create hassles by doing so as well!

L28 crank has a stroke of 79mm, rods 130mm.

L24 crank has a stroke of 73mm, rods 133mm.

My combo would obviously be stroke L28-79mm, L24-133mm rods, 86mm bore.

Anyone done this, and if so, thoughts appreciated. Can it be done with flat tops, or would comp ratio be too much? Would the pistons protrude too much past the deck? etc etc


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