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carbs and intake?


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I actually posted my questions on the general forum, but now think it's better to ask them here. So basically I need to know two things. I just got a 71 240 Z and the carbs are pretty much shot (dual two barrel webbers) so I'm thinking I'll just get new ones. But I've heard arguments both ways that the dual webbers aren't the best way to go. So should I just get some SU carbs or something along those lines? I'm not trying to biuld a drag racer, just a fun driver, and I do have a little money to spend. My other question was about my intake manifold. The previous owner took off all the emmisions control and basically cut the rail and pinched off the ends. I'm not sure if this is the best way to go. maybe I should just invest in a new intake manifold since I'll be getting new carbs anyway. So these are my quanderies. Any help would be great.

-parker mann

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I agree with zmefly, The round top SUs if properly jetted will deliver all the fuel that your engin can use weather it is a stock 240 or a Stroker. As far as intake it depends on what you are running now . Casting # 36 has been rumered to give 10 more HP but I have never seen any one prove it on a dino. There is a guy ,Norm in Seattle that runs in the 12s at the drags with his Z , and is running SUs:classic:

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