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I want a 240Z!


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I'm a new member here, and currently do not own a 240Z. About 8 years ago I sold my emmaculate 280Z and have always had the itch to get another one, but this time I would like to get a 240Z, one of the reasons being I won't have to worry about smog here in CA. I basically just want to get back in the Z circle again, and this looked like a good place to start. I currently have an old Chrysler that I'm willing to sell in order to purchase a 240. Basically I want a car that's in okay condition, I'm willing to slowely put money into an engine rebuild and body work, but I don't want to start off with a piece of junk. Does anyone have any advice on places to look and what prices I should be expected to pay. Thanks!


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Check out the For Sale items here, check out the links for other z-sites. Most Z sites have classifieds. Another place to look would be on ebay. Go to ebay motors, collectors cars, there is a section for Z's. Prices run from cheap to unreasonable. Many cars on ebay seem to be on the west coast.

Prices? How much do you want to pay? There are cars for sale that aren't worth the asking price, cars that are basically junk. Shop around, ask questions, check out the car from top to bottom, and don't buy on impulse.

You might even find one in your local paper!

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