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L28s-wots mods for dyno/quarter


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I've read the Australia Z car clubs DYNO nite with different Z cars with the different setups.*very interesting*

Have many people had there Z car dynoed OR taken it to the strip?

If so can you please list your different mods, stuff like

Heads ie:which head,how much porting(details),valve seats(3 angle etc),polished?-compression etc

Cam:how big? lift? brand? details on cam timing(verier wheel?)

Carbs(or injection):details of jets/needles /ported manifold?

exhaust: size/press bends/mandrell?

ignition:type/which dizzy/total advance etc?(sparkplugs etc?)

Pistons: Std/flattop aftermarket,oversize

Other info:stroker cranks/turbos(boost/size of turbo etc) and of course how the car drives!

What Hp did the dyno get(what type of dyno)? Or what quarters do the car get?

All this would be a wealth of information, and would help all who plan to do some thing with their beloved L series motor without wasting money on engineering that has little gain.

(even if you have a mates car thats been put on a dyno/or strip please give details)

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It was a while ago, but I'll try & remember....

L24 Turbo....

Heads ie: 260Z E88, 8.0:1

Cam: Stock 240Z

Carbs(or injection):Custom EFI manifold, Haltech E6A

exhaust: 2.5" Stainless Mandrel

ignition:Custom Built dizzy, ECU controlled (have specs somewhere....)

Pistons: L24 Dished (ie non-240Z L24)

Other info:TO4, N-trim Turbine, 0.60 A/R Compressor 14psi boost. AiReseach Imntercooler. Laggy (but fast)....

Modified 3-speed auto, 3.9:1 open R180

120kW on Dyno-Dynamics. 0-100 (0-62) ~6s

And the setup that is almost complete....

L28 Turbo

Heads ie:N42 8.4:1


Carbs(or injection):L28E N/A EFI, SK's J-pipe.

exhaust: 2.5" Stainless Mandrel

ignition:the same dizzy as above....

Pistons: std L28E

Other info:VG30 T3, T4 Compressor, 6psi, AiResearch Intercooler. What's lag? full-boost ~2000rpm....

Modified 3-speed auto, modified 4-speed auto. 3.54:1 open R180, 3.9:1 open R180, 4.375:1 LSD R200

~115kW with 3.9:1 R180 & 3-speed. ~105kW with 3.54:1 R180 & 4-speed.

We'll see what it's like with the bigger intercooler, exhaust & 4.375:1 LSD

(This engine had been run in my Skyline for a few years & is being transplanted into my Z)

Yes I'm still building my 3.1L TT engine:


Out of date image of my Z @ http://www.versadev.com/ben/DSC01398.JPG

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Bearing in mind that a fresh L28E with auto box & 3.9:1 diffproduced 68kW @ the wheels on the same dyno...

I'ts not a powerhouse, but remember that it's just 6psi into an otherwise stock motor. Generally for each pound of boost, you can add 7% power.

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