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Zstory Black Week

Sean Dezart

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Hi y’all.
Because time rushes past and you, like me have lives outside of Zs that sometimes ‘get in the way’, plus it’s my birthday this coming Friday and I not only want to share it wirth you but Santa Claus officially arrives very soon…….these great reductions are on offer until midnight Monday the 6th !
Classic muffler : -15% = us$165
JDM muffler : -10% = us$207
Strut-brace kits (front and rear bars) : -20% = us$283 https://www.ebay.com/itm/233775461292
Competition Z432-R wheels 7x15 ET0 : Special price of us$690 for 4x (exclusive of shipping)
Typical shipping cost for N.A. is : us$300
As new, professionally restored S30 front grilles : -15% = us$292 https://www.ebay.com/itm/233993733500
Full exhaust kit* (headers, line and muffler) available in my next batch (Easter 2022) : -20% on parts, 2021 shipping price** frozen !
Current prices available on my website or please PM for a copy.
*2021 has been very expensive, the container price alone tripled so it is with regret (I have previously held them stable for 24x months) that in January I must raise my prices by and average of 5%
**The Post Office and couriers eg DHL, TNT etc and the rest, traditionally raise their prices from the 1st of January and you can garauntee that they’ll not miss the opportunity now as their costs continue to rise !
And don’t forget the coolest, most original T-shirts on the market here : https://www.ebay.com/itm/234307716216
us$30 including postage and free keyring
To benefit and for any questions, please PM or email me at : seanz@wanadoo.fr

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