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I was out with my girlfriend the other day driving the z and we went to eat at this new restaurant. I had to park way out in the middle of BFE to get a spot in this parking lot that resembled the one at the mall of america. Well I go in to eat and such. I come back out and what should be parked next to me but a 280 zx. I was in aww. The guy must have been driving out in this huge parking lot and the next thing he knows he sees my z. I don't know where the guy was going or where he was at but its funny how he found my car in such a huge parking lot. It was like the guy was saying hey nice z check out mine. Well I thought it was neat. Well back to the dungeon to get this thermostat housing on.

Frankenstein Z

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Yup I always park next to a Z when i see one in the same parking lot as me.

At school(college) If i saw one of three Zs in the parking lot i parked next to if i could.

Often they would do the same if i was in a hurry and couldn't park next to thier car i'd find 'em next to mine.

A few times all three were parked together.

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