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French meeting report

Caen Fred

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It’s been a long time since Europe was a virgin territory! Thanks to Mike, I discovered that this web page, still unexplored as today, give me the opportunity to be the first somewhere! A new feeling for me.

I will use this to promote our club and it’s latest accomplishment. Last week-end we had our French meeting, it was in Argenton le Chateau and a lot of friends came from all Europe. We tried to entertain everybody the best we could. The welcome Picnic on Friday night must have been good, if we judge it by the ratio whine/people ! The Z drivers sure use a lot more fuel than their car. Saturday morning was, well it was! And By 11h00 we where all paddling on the Green Venice, our local bayous. Again a nice picnic under the shade of the trees, with non alcoholic beverage!!!! Then a really nice 1h30 convoy back to the camp site and free time for all. We had diner in a real farm, where they produce their own “Foi Gras, that’s Duck liver paté for you) and lot of wonderful food that we enjoyed a lot, this time Rosé and red whine where with us again.

On Sunday morning, we all met on a Karting race track, a very nice one, 1,2 km! They are holding the French run for the European kart championship. A one hour race gave to all the chance to “let it go” and a close competition saw a Brit/French team on the first place, followed by a Dutch team and I came in Third with one of my Pal, in all 10 team where on the track. In the afternoon we headed to cool down in a Japanese garden a few miles away, relaxing in a real Jap fashion was all we needed, I had to go back home then but I know that lots of peoples stayed a day more, I leave them the chance to tell you the end of our French Meeting.

Hope it’s not too boring, it’s just to let you know how it was, and to let you know that you are all welcome for the next one. And Bravo for all the Z that came from a long way, thank you again.


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That's good to hear Fred.

Were there some UK-mainland owners in attendance? I think I spy a dark green 2+2 in your pics, and if its the same one that I'm thinking of it is an exceptionally good car.

Thanks for the report.

Alan T.

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Graham is the name, 3rd best in the game!

A very nice car, british racing green with at last, what seems to be the right color for the rear pannel, that metalic gray. Lots of Brits where there, Paul's immaculate red twice pack red 280ZX, Mr Big cheese from the Z/ZX club in it's golden 280ZX and one nice 300ZX, also John Wilkins in it's Zgolf convertible ????????? and of course Guus in Legendary 5... who isn't English but from the Z planet.

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Hi all,

I like to contribute to the report.

First of all I want to say special word of thanks to the organisers of this weekend. Fred and Sean thanks for the great weekend you gave us. It was well organised the program was great, there where lovely people, the food was super and of course the weather helped al lot. What else do you want more? I did not have the change to say Fred good bay because of my problem with the UJ of my right assy-drive shaft. :(

It had too much movement, which it was to risky driving 900km back home!

So I called up the Dutch car association where I had insurance, that if my car broke down it would be repatriated to Holland. And so they did. I was supplied with a brand new Peugeot 406 with only 12K at his counter!! Now I’m waiting for the truck which is bringing my Z home.

But we had a great laughs and that is the main thing. You meet new people and you find old friends. :classic:

Until next time!

Ps. see my pictures and if you want the big ones…ask

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Glad it turned out fine for you. You had so much fun, it was almost unfair to others, I had to do something to stop you from enjoying yourself so much :tapemouth

When your car will be home again, just tighten back those U-joint I have unscrewed LOL

Na, I am really sorry about your troubles and I want to thank you for the pictures. I really appreciate your car, and your company. Above all I just love peoples that USE their toy instead of just dusting them off... you really deserve it.

See you soon... Fred

And if any American would like to come, with or without Z or ZX, We would be glad to help them organise their journey…

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