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Parts for Sale: Door parts

Ed Brock

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Door parts

There are several door parts mentioned in this ad. The picture is just one of them. See last line in this add for pricing. I have door catches with shims that go above the main photo part. Window cranks.   Door handles, inside and outside (picture of outside door handle makes unit look much worse then it is).    Door panels, in good condition.    Door window parts .    Door locks, sorry no keys.  Door lock pull knobs.    Hatch hinges, hinge catches and the stops.    Hatch strut mounts.     Series 1 hatch vent parts.

Prices; depending on the item. Contact me I will give you a price for the items you need.  All prices quoted do not include shipping.

Door catch 1.jpg

Door catch 2.jpg

Door catch 3.jpg

Door handle 1.jpg

Door handle 2.jpg

Door hinge LS.jpg

Door mech #1.jpg

Door mech #2.jpg

Door parts 1.jpg

Hatch parts 2.jpg



Window mech #1.jpg

Window mech #2.jpg


Door handle inserts.jpg

Hatch parts 1.jpg

Hatch vent #1.jpg

Knob Door.jpg

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