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I am replacing the Transmission Mount on a 1972 240Z. The attached photo shows the Transmission Mount Cross Member (bushings for each end of the bar have been removed) and two types of insulators. The insulator on the left is the original insulator and the one right is a new after market insulator. The bearing surface of the new insulator (the surface that rests on the bar) is wider than the bearing surface on the original insulator. The new insulator also has a couple of "tack welds" along one edge of the bearing surface. These are visible in the photo.

It is my understanding the cross member I have (the one shown in the photo) was used until June of 1972. Beginning in July of 1972, a different cross member was used and that is what the insulator on the right will fit. When referring to  "Engine Mounting" in www.carpartsmanual.com  the part # for both insulators is 11320-N3000. 

I am trying to locate a new insulator that will fit my cross member. That's the insulator on the left. My local Nissan dealership advise this older type insulator is NLA. I have searched online but no luck so far. If anyone can help me with any sources, I would appreciate it.

If I cannot locate a new "older style" insulator, I may try using the newer type with my cross member and see what happens. If anyone has done this, please let me know how you made out.

Sorry for starting "yet another thread" on this topic but I cold not locate a thread where this has been discussed.


Datsun Z Engine Mounting (Manual From C-# HLS30-46001, RLS30, GRLS30) L24, L26 (To Nov.-'74).url

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I used the one from Nissan dealership on my '72 works fine. Vin.# 69, 972 I think. Part number is 11320-E4100 though. This was bought about 4 years ago for $65. I am looking at the receipt.

It was superseded by 11320-N3000 I just read.



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siteunseen...Thanks for your response. I will go back to my Nissan dealership with the old part No. you provided and see what comes up. Can you tell me if your Transmission Mount Cross Member is the same as mine, as shown in the photo, or do you have the newer version, which doesn't have the bar.


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