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electric fuel pump Question


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I have a question and a delima. I am running a electric pump only and all is great , however as long as the key is in the on or start position the pump is running! I want to change this because of the fire hazzard in a crash , especially in the case of an overturned situation. Does any one know of a oil pressure shut off switch that would cut the power to the fuel pump when there is a lack of oil pressure ?? Not a bad idea in any event . Or a different approach like a mercury switch that would do the same thing and cut the power . It just seems unsafe the way it is now. :ermm:

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Originally posted by beandip

I want to change this because of the fire hazzard in a crash , especially in the case of an overturned situation.

Actually, if you roll it over it will be sucking air as the fuel pickup would be at the top. ROFL

Seriously, I guess it wouldn't be such a bad idea to get it to shut off. Perhaps you could use a relay that is open when the engine is not actually running. I wonder if it could draw power only from the alternator somehow as that would only be generating is the engine was turning over.

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That oil pressure switch/ safety sounds good pulling the relay when the low oil pressure light would illuminate, this should mod should easily merge into any fuel pump relay diagram.

The Mercury switch method is very touchy and adjustment/serviceability check could be interesting.

but reliability is also questionable as some types develop memory and others don't take corrugated roads to well.

I run a safety in my fuel relay circuit in the form of an in series Nissan diode plastic covered(black) forward of the radiator support to cut fuel flow in event of a frontal hard impact.


Steve :classic:

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I faver the loss of oil pressure cut off switch but I just had a thought on some cars the seat belts have a locking device that is triggered when the car is up set or in a impact . How are they done is it electrical or mechanical ? Running a electrical impact device like sjcurtis has is a vary good option . Being the early Z had no warning lights to wire to a relay I think that is out unless you could find the senser that controlls this and wire it in. I will have to talk to escanlon on that one. Thanks guys for the imput , if any one else has and Idea here chime in .

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I have some solutions to this and as soon as I get the part # I will post the information. There is a inertia shut off and a pressure switch for the oil pressure cut off. This way for those of us running injection the inertia shut off might be the way to go . Just as soon as I get it together I will post he info. thanks for all that took the time to contact me . Gary:classic:

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