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Something You Don't See Every Day - Lower Price!


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Today I'm doing various things to complete an early Z restoration. One of those things is installing replacement tool storage area doors, the plastic ones behind the seats.

I bought the replacements from MSA as the originals were not in great shape.   Their price is $79


They are made by dashtop.com, same folks that make the aftermarket ABS dash covers and other interior panels.

They seem fine, small imperfections, not the topic of this thread, so I'm not going there, except to say that the label they apply to the inside of one of the doors is a Bee-autch to remove. Being ABS, I'm reluctant to use anything but a citrus based cleaner like Goo-b-gone or some such. Waste of time.


So as I'm a good little engineer, interested in product improvement, I decide to write them a small note and suggest a different glue type for the labels.....

Get to the web site, find the product and guess what dashtop.com wants for a pair???   $149!!! $70 buck cheaper!!!!


BTW, these replacements don't come with the plastic hinges. You have to get those from your old doors by removing the rivets. Hopefully they are still hinges....


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Sounds like somebody at MSA/Z-Store goofed.  Their listing does indeed say, $79 'and sold by the pair', but when they buy from Palco they might get a 25% discount at best, so $112.50.  Hard to believe that Palco would sell them to MSA at a 50% discount, and then allow MSA undercut them in the retail market by such a huge margin (or any margin, for that matter).  I think we may see the MSA price change to $149 pretty soon.

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