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Throttle Pedal Posotion


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I was driving the Z around today and realized that the throttle pedal sits further back than the clutch and the brake (which seem to be resting together).

Is this normal? Or is something bent? Its pretty substantial, it makes heel-toeing the car a bit awkward, the distance to WOT is also short due to this...



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What year?  After 40-50 years, it is quite possible that the arm is bent.  There is some adjustment if you loosen lock nuts on the thottle linkage parts.  The rods can be adjusted longer/shorter.  That said, I made mine to my liking for heel and toe by bending the accelerator pedal arm as needed.  I also bent it so the pedal pad is not only closer height-wise but also so there is less gap between the right edge of the brake pedal and left edge of the accelerator pedal.  Messing with the linkage rod lengths just accentuated the problem of too much resistance in the throttle linkage required to move from engine idle, causing jerky pedal operation (abrupt throttle opening).  

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