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'77 280z steering wheel travel

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Hi all,


Recently pass smog test.  Been enjoying it every chance I get.   Even volunteer to do errands for wife just so I can drive it!!!!

I've notice the steering wheel can only make one full circle and the "distance/length" of the tire doesn't cover much.

to put it into perspective, I'm having trouble making a 2 lands U-turn.  What I mean is the other day I at McDonald's drive through, I had trouble making a right U-turn.  My Van and sedan seem able to make a right U-turn quite easily.  Of course it inches outside toward the other land a bit, but not as much as the Datsun.  I had to back-up a bit in order to make a turn.  I had to make a three-point turn.  A bit of embarrassed as it was lunch time and was quite a bit of long line ... ;)

When I rebuild "grease and new bearing, seal replaced", I noticed the travel rod not that long/far.  Is this normal or do I have to do a "drift" at the u-turn!!!!




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